When disaster strikes...

In preparation of a major disaster, everyone should develop a plan. (See resources at https://www.ready.gov/make-a-plan)

As a mutual insurance company we care about our insureds and want to make policyholders aware of the following Company Disaster Plan.

Above all else, your safety comes first. Property can be replaced, but you cannot. So Take Shelter!

Our office is located at 112 East Third Street in Delphos, Ohio. Our office will remain open if at all possible. If the office is damaged to the point where relocation is necessary, the company will relocate to an office as close to the existing office as possible.

Policies require the insured to take all reasonable precautions to protect your property from additional damage. If your property is damaged, contact your agent immediately or an emergency source for board up or clean up assistance. The insured may need to turn off power, gas, and water. Knowing where those turnoffs are located is crucial. Keep all receipts and records of expenses related to the loss. Attempt to obtain repair estimates for damaged property if necessary.

Disaster claims teams will be brought into the disaster area to expedite claims, but they usually do not have immediate access to policy forms. Please remember that these adjusters work long hours and are often working under hardship conditions. Please have patience and understanding with them.

Insurance companies are often required by policy condition to make claims checks payable to both the insured and the mortgagee for property repairs. This will greatly upset many customers. It is important for the insured to contact their mortgagee for their procedures in reference to claims checks. Personal property claim checks will be made payable to the insured only.

Insureds will be required to fill out a proof of loss, listing all items that have been damaged or destroyed. Personal property will need a description of each item, original cost, age of item, and estimated replacement cost. The sooner this is documented, the sooner the claim can be settled.

Please do not dispose of any damaged property before the adjuster has had a chance to inspect it. You should also not make any permanent repairs to the property. You cannot be reimbursed for property if the adjuster cannot verify actual damages and values.

Your patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated. We respond to all policyholders as quickly as we can.